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In the packages which include accommodation we offer different options to choose from for the course duration.

The accommodations are beach side/near the beach/2 minutes walk from the beach - depending on the specific option you choose.
All accommodation options are about 5 minutes walk from our school.
They are all located in the village center area so you have everything you need in just a short walking distance - the lovely beaches, a variety of restaurants, cafes, convenient stores, pharmacy, laundry, fruits and shakes stalls, food stalls, souvenir shops, ATMs and everything else.
All accommodation options are private and have Wi-Fi and a balcony.

Additionally, if you would like to arrive earlier or leave later we could extend your accommodation period as per your wish, subject to availability (you will pay the additional cost for the added days which are not within the period of the course).

We are here for you and we will do everything necessary to make sure you have the right and suitable choice of accommodation that will allow you to have a relaxed homely environment during the course and enjoy your stay on the island.

For the accommodation prices please refer to the relevant course's 'Dates & Costs' page.

1. Private Fan Bungalow

Private fan bungalow with a balcony, beach side, short walking distance to our school.

2. Private Fan Room

Private fan room with a balcony, near the beach, short walking distance to our school.

3. Private Fan House with Kitchen

Private fan house with kitchen and balcony, near the beach, short walking distance to our school
* Please note - the houses are located at the back of the resort, not on the beach (1 minute walk from the beach).

4. Private A/C House with Kitchen

Private A/C spacious house with kitchen and balcony, short walking distance to our school and the beach.


  • We also offer a cheaper accommodation option with private A/C houses with kitchen.
    It is further from the village center, our school and the beach - about 12 minutes walk or 5 minutes on a bicycle or just a couple of minutes on a scooter. Please contact us for more details.
  • If you would like to stay in a more luxurious accommodation (for a higher price) please contact us for more details.

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