50-Hour 'From Ambition to Inspiration'
Yoga Teacher Training

- Program Overview & Daily Schedule -

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Course Structure 

Our 50-Hour 'From Ambition to Inspiration' Yoga Teacher Training led by Tal Swissa & Arnaud Chartier, is a 9 day program composed of 2 Modules:

  • First ModuleSelf Awareness & Yoga Meets Dance

  • Second ModuleTeaching From Being

    This training is about thriving and living a life of well-being, guiding and inspiring others to do the same.
    There are two types of teachers; those who teach techniques and methods they have learned from others. And those who teach from their own experiences, insights, wisdom, and mistakes. Yes, it's essential to be guided and inspired by others, but ultimately, your own inner knowledge is paramount. The challenge is that we often don't trust our experiences, feelings, and insights; it feels safer to rely on someone else's experiences. This training is a step towards self-confidence and self-acceptance. From there you can become a greater teacher. This is  the core of our teaching: how to accept yourself as you are and grow from there, inspiring others to do the same.

    We have developed this new training program aimed at diving deeper into the art of teaching and inspiring. You will get more experience, knowledge and inspiration to enrich your toolbox. We will practice Alignment Yoga, Movement, Somatic Movement Exploration, traction workshops, asana labs and Tandava dance practice. As well as, working and improving your teaching and facilitating skills.

    What is Tandava?

    Did you know that Tandava (the divine dance of lord Shiva) is a core practice of yoga? It is also a core practice of our training. During this practice you will dive into an awakening of the inner dance of sensation, energies and emotions inside yourself. Guiding you to become more sensitive to the inner dance happening within yourself.

    To support this subtle teaching, you will receive a pre-recorded online foundation training - "Meditation is a Dance" by Arnaud Chartier, an  introduction and a guided practice.

    With this new inner fluidity, your capacity to inspire will become far more valuable, as you grasp that deep teaching is not a matter of words, but instead it is a transmission of your own inner state and energy.

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First Module - 5 Days

Self Awareness & Yoga Meets Dance

I. Awareness Practices

Proprioception (physicality)

  • Alignment Yoga classes
  • Asana labs
  • Inner space classes - traction workshops, dance of space.
  • Movement integration classes - mobility, strength, adaptability.

Interoception (emotion, energy, intellect)


  • Somatic classes
  • Meditation
  • Inner dance for circulation of emotion.
  • Yoga for emotion (ex: sequence for inner confidence).


  • Prana Apana class (art of grounding).
  • Inner dance for movement of energy (spontaneous Qigong/Tandava dance).


  • Meditation to meet your belief system.
  • The art of manifestation.

II. Theory

The 5 Koshas (sheaths of our being), fascia and the balance between all.


  • The art of inner positioning.
  • Free the unconditional inner movement, focus on space.

Polyvagal Theory:

  • Inner safety
  • Movement of emotion
  • Resonance
  • Coming out of pain focusing patterns.

Nervous System:

  • Habits
  • Repetition
  • Proprioception, interoception and exteroception explanation.
  • Core believes and patterns.
  • Maya and the way we see ourselves, the world, others.

Second Module - 4 Days

Teaching From Being

Svadhyaya: Know Thyself

My Story:

  • Svadhyaya - write down my story.
  • Self-knowledge teaching.
  • Story teach tool structure.
  • How to inspire with how I overcame my own challenges.

Art of presence:

  • Energy resonance (HRV).
  • Theater (I AM the best version of myself).
  • How to create from students questions (improv).

When Yoga Meet Dance:

  • Sequence and structure (find your why).
  • Structure a themed yoga class, using asana and movement.

- Daily Schedule -

  • 8:00-9:00 - Meditation in Movement

  • 9:00-10:00 - Breakfast, Break

  • 10:00-12:30 - Yoga Class/Movement Class

  • 12:30-16:00 - Lunch, Break

  • 16:00-18:00 - Workshop

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