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About Luna Alignment Yoga

Luna Alignment Yoga, founded by Tal Swissa, is a boutique yoga teacher training school run by Tal and her husband Guy, located on the beautiful island of Koh-Phangan, Thailand.

Luna was created with the vision of making this world a better place, with the attitude of self-healing and well-being. Our teacher training courses are a comprehensive presentation of yoga as therapy, a vehicle to promote holistic health and a discipline providing genuine well-being. By guiding our students towards their own well-being, we allow them to teach yoga with a healthy approach, benefiting themselves, as well as their students.

We see yoga teachers, as ambassadors of change, peace and joy in this world.

We hold a unique approach of facilitating only 4 teacher trainings a year. This allows us to fully dedicate ourselves to our teaching time, enabling us to provide heartfelt and thorough instruction in every course we lead. We offer an individual and focused attention to every student.

The base of our - Yoga Alliance Certified - Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Courses are skeletal and asana alignment, anatomy, therapeutic yoga principles and the fascinating body-mind-emotion connection. Our programs are a unique blend of modern-day science and classic yoga, inspired by Iyengar Yoga, physiotherapy and various kinds of yoga therapy.

Together with our permanent, in-house team of teachers. We have certified more than 275 graduates in 12 different courses, all lead by our yoga director and head teacher - Tal Swissa, along with the rest of our highly experienced and exceptionally skilled team.

We offer 100-Hour, 200-Hour and 300-Hour Advanced - Yoga Alliance Certified - Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

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About the special connection of Luna, Alignment & Yoga 


'Luna' in Latin means 'Moon', and in the Roman mythology it means the goddess of the Moon.
The Moon also represents reflection. In our way of teaching we guide our students to develop a sense of self reflection, this is the direct way for personal-growth and self-evolution.

Koh-Phangan is known as the island of the Full Moon parties. On the yogi side of the island, in our tranquil Srithanu village, we don't feel the parties, but we defiantly feel the full moon's energy...

Morever, a full moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are lined up or in Alignment to each-other.

Alignment and Yoga

Alignment means - 'arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions'. B.K.S. Iyengar was the first yoga teacher to use the term 'alignment'. He was the one to introduce this concept regarding the asana practice. Usually we think of alignment in terms of the positioning of the body and its various parts during the practice of asana, balancing and protecting the joints, muscles, organs, vessels, and tissues of the body. What may be less known is the importance of alignment with respect to the flow of energy in the body. Iyengar said that by directing our attention inwards, toward the muscles and bones, the organs and breath and by moving from the outer layers toward the inner layers, we can become aware of the subtle flow of cosmic energy that envelops and moves through us.

Luna Alignment Yoga

One of the meanings of Yoga is balance. In the Yoga tradition we call it Ha-Tha , meaning sun-moon. In the Taoism tradition they call it Yin-Yang.

All those pairs of contradictions, like the sun-moon, feminine-masculine, round-linear, shadow-light, cold-hot and so on... are are in fact all interlaced with each-other, not contradicting, but balancing.

This is the energy of Luna Alignment Yoga, our inspiration and intention - to be in balance and harmony.

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Our Venue

Our Yoga Hall

We are located in the small yogi Srithanu village on the breathtaking Koh Phangan Island, Thailand.
Our venue is situated in the lovely tranquil garden, quietly nested in the green, lush and rich jungle surroundings of the Island. Our school is only a few minutes' walk from the beach and the accommodations we offer and the village center.

Our Food - Pure Vegan

All of our food is vegan (mostly Thai style) and provided by the well-known Art Café restaurant in Koh-Phangan, who is happily serving the island community since its opening back in 2009.

Our food is prepared with love and attention, made out of fresh and local ingredients, aiming to provide a notorious, rich and healthy diet.

As a bonus, all Luna Alignment Yoga TTC students are entitled to a 15% discount when dining in the Art Café restaurant during the course.

We care about the environment - We offer drinking water in our venue with a free bottle refill option for our students.

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