Luna Alignment Yoga

 Teacher Training Center

Koh-Phangan, Thailand

At Luna Alignment Yoga we wish to give our students a deep learning experience of realigning their body, mind and emotions with nature

We offer 100-Hour, 200-Hour and 300-Hour Advanced - Yoga Alliance Certified - Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Courses, on the beautiful island of Koh-Phangan, Thailand

We have already certified more than 260 graduates in 11 different courses, all lead by our Yoga Director and Head Teacher, Tal Swissa and the rest of our highly skilled team who, together, have over 40 years of combined teaching experience


Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

Alignment Yoga & Introduction to Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Our Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) represent a comprehensive presentation of yoga as therapy, a vehicle to promote health and a discipline providing genuine well-being. The base of our programs is skeletal and asana alignment, anatomy, therapeutic yoga principles and the fascinating body-mind-emotion connection. Our programs are a unique blend of modern-day science and classic yoga inspired by Iyengar yoga, physiotherapy and various kinds of yoga therapy. We offer:

Learn the Art of Teaching

Our training is designed for you to become a skilled yoga teacher

At Luna Alignment Yoga we believe that the yoga practice should be adapted to fit every student’s needs, even when teaching a large group. Therefore, our aim is to teach you - whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher or a yoga teacher already - the important core principles behind body structure, alignment and therapeutic yoga, so that you can integrate this knowledge later on in your self-practice and teaching.

Yoga Alliance Certified

We are a registered Yoga Alliance School

We certify our graduates with a Yoga Alliance teaching certification which is globally recognized.
Upon completion of our training you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance Teacher.

Create a Strong Foundation 

Our programs are extensive and will give you a solid ground to nourish yourself and your students

  • Get a better understanding of your physical body, breath and mind
  • Learn to structure and lead intelligent Yoga classes: Vinyasa, Hatha, Alignment and Therapeutic oriented
  • Find your own unique voice as a yoga teacher
  • Be part of a supporting learning environment with a very approachable program
  • Learn about the traditional yogic life style and philosophy - adapting it to your everyday modern life
  • Learn Ayurveda and how to interlace it with yoga
  • Practice a variety of meditation techniques

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* Please note that we are not offering therapeutic support for medical conditions or diagnosis.

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