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  1. Tension

    26 Jul 2019
    Tension| Tension is not rigidity.💛In the body and mind we have necessary and unnecessary tension.💛Every asana should be held with the right amount of tension. 💛This takes practice…When in the asana scan your body to find where you need to add tension - by elongating the spine, straightening the knees, fingers…

  2. Urdva Dhanurasana

    14 Jul 2019
    Urdva Dhanurasana | We LOVE this adjustment in Urdva Dhanurasana.🎡This adjustment makes the asana possible for students with stiff shoulders.🎡It’s also wonderful for flexible students since it’s elongating the entire spine.🎡The lower back, which tends to take most of the bending action in deep backbends, now gets a relief as…

  3. Energy

    02 Jul 2019
    Energy | Energy does not die, it transforms.♻️A chaotic state is part of any change.♻️Any shift of energy must transform through chaos in order to reach structure once again.♻️What might feel or seem like chaos might just be a change in form - a metamorphosis.♻️In this transition we tend to…

  4. Healing Mechanism

    17 Jun 2019
    Healing Mechanism| All living things have a healing mechanism as part of their system. We are all part of nature and and healing is a quality of nature. We all have cancer cells in our body, all sorts of inflammations, infections and so on… that’s natural and normal. The real…

  5. Inversions Asana

    08 Jun 2019
    Inversions Asana | The ancient yogis know the importance of inversions long before modern science knew anything about circulation.🌀“The asanas belonging to these groups will take care of general health such as postural and functional correction of the body. They will take care of circulation, digestion, excretion, and so on.”-Geeta…

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