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  1. Chanting

    29 Aug 2019
    Chanting | “Chanting isn’t about music at all.❤️It’s about engaging in a practice designed to bring you more fully into yourself.💙What’s being chanted is what’s called in India the ‘divine names.’💜We’re calling out to our own true selves, our own inner nature… calling out to that place inside of us…

  2. Tension

    26 Jul 2019
    Tension| Tension is not rigidity.💛In the body and mind we have necessary and unnecessary tension.💛Every asana should be held with the right amount of tension. 💛This takes practice…When in the asana scan your body to find where you need to add tension - by elongating the spine, straightening the knees, fingers…

  3. Urdva Dhanurasana

    14 Jul 2019
    Urdva Dhanurasana | We LOVE this adjustment in Urdva Dhanurasana.🎡This adjustment makes the asana possible for students with stiff shoulders.🎡It’s also wonderful for flexible students since it’s elongating the entire spine.🎡The lower back, which tends to take most of the bending action in deep backbends, now gets a relief as…

  4. Energy

    02 Jul 2019
    Energy | Energy does not die, it transforms.♻️A chaotic state is part of any change.♻️Any shift of energy must transform through chaos in order to reach structure once again.♻️What might feel or seem like chaos might just be a change in form - a metamorphosis.♻️In this transition we tend to…

  5. Healing Mechanism

    17 Jun 2019
    Healing Mechanism| All living things have a healing mechanism as part of their system. We are all part of nature and and healing is a quality of nature. We all have cancer cells in our body, all sorts of inflammations, infections and so on… that’s natural and normal. The real…

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