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  1. Eating and Digestion

    2018-02-09 07:14:00 UTC
    Eating and Digestion  Eating is not just about consuming edible food, but it is about all kinds of ‘food’ we consume through our 6 senses. To have good digestion means to be able to deal with the everyday life in an harmonious way. This is called ‘psychological digestion’. In the…

  2. Adho mukha śvānāsana

    2018-02-03 17:04:00 UTC
    Adho mukha śvānāsana  Adho mukha śvānāsana or in English Downward facing dog. Usually when we practice this asana the arms will carry most of the body weight. But actually, the weight should be distributed equally between the hands and legs.  Therefore, one of the first actions we should work on…

  3. Yoga Practice

    2018-01-31 07:37:00 UTC
    Yoga Practice If you wish to dive deeper into the subtle aspects of your yoga practice keep your mind receptive and allow yourself to learn. First observe your physical body in the asana. Find the necessary and the unnecessary tension. Release and engage accordingly. Then observe your mind in the…

  4. Virabhadrasana 2

    2018-01-26 09:02:00 UTC
    Virabhadrasana 2 Here are some Alignment tips for this powerful asana:1. Make Sure that the bent knee is just above it’s ankle, that the thigh is parallel and that the shin is perpendicular to the ground. 2. make sure that your torso isn’t leaning towards the bent leg side -…

  5. Kirtan

    2018-01-22 16:20:00 UTC
    Mantra Chanting - Kirtan ❤️ Kirtan is the meditative chanting of Sanskrit mantras. The sound structure of Sanskrit, the most ancient of all known languages,contains subtle mystical energies. Theses energies correspond to the subtle astral channels called Nadis, which similar to the Meridians in Chinese Medicine, run through the whole…

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