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  1. Self Healing

    2018-05-20 06:28:00 UTC
    Self Healing 🌷The body has the ability to heal itself. It’s called ‘the self healing mechanism’. (We can see it with a scratch on our skin that heals within a few days). .🌷Self healing is instinctual, natural ability of our body and our being..🌷Health is not absence of disease, but…

  2. State of Mind

    2018-05-10 18:25:00 UTC
    State of Mind. Whether we know it or not: We use asanas to change our state of mind and emotions. . Be aware of the state of mind you want to create when you go into your asana practice. .If you’re a teacher, be aware of the state of mind…

  3. About Asana

    2018-05-01 18:05:00 UTC
    About Asana “An asana is not a posture which you assume mechanically. It involves thought, at the end of which balance is achieved between movement and resistance. When the mind is controlled and still, what remains is the soul. The ocean is the self, the waves are the thoughts. The…

  4. About Inversions

    2018-04-20 05:28:00 UTC
    About Inversions. Some of the emotional and mental effects of inversions are overcoming fear, change of perspective and sublimation of heavy energy. ✨✨✨It’s fun to play when practicing inversions! ✨✨✨We recommend not to stay too long in the asana, just as long ad you still feel good. Overdoing it might…

  5. Change and Yoga

    2018-04-12 01:50:00 UTC
    Change and Yoga More about change and yoga from Geeta S. Iyengar: ✨“Asanas are not created out of the blue. They came into existence as methodical to living and therefore, they are classified systematically. The seemingly physical asanas have a great potential to change the behavioral patterns of the practitioner,…

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