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  1. Hugs are Healthy

    2018-01-15 14:24:00 UTC
     Hugs are really good for our health and sense of happiness:♥️ Hugs help balance our nervous system (for babies loving touch actually builds a healthy nervous system!)♥️ Hugs help strengthen the immune system. ♥️ Hugs can increase the oxytocin levels (also called the love hormone) - so we can…

  2. Standing on all fours

    2018-01-11 16:42:00 UTC
    Standing on all fours (or ‘all six’ as we call it) is really beneficial for the understanding of the neutral spine and pelvis and also very good for the understanding of the shoulder blades position.Working with a neutral spine and pelvis is a beautiful way to work on the core…

  3. Restorative Asanas

    2018-01-07 16:51:00 UTC
    Restorative Asanas.  Geeta S. Iyengar writes about this powerful practice:“These asanas…are meant to reset the organic body. Each organ is as though separated from the other in order to oxygenate and rest. With the knife of consciousness and awareness, one is able to dissect the body from inside. However, one…

  4. Variation of Urdva Dandasana

    2018-01-05 11:01:00 UTC
    Variation of Urdva Dandasana.   Urdva Dandasana is a preparation for headstand - Sirsasana but can be practiced as a preparation for handstand - like we practiced here. And also as a preparation for forearm stand. This asana is very good for building strengths and for overcoming the fear of inversions.…

  5. Hands On Adjustments

    2018-01-04 07:53:00 UTC
    Hands on adjustments are such an integral and beautiful part of yoga teaching. However it’s really important to give our students the opportunity to adjust themselves, developing their practice. As teachers, if we want to emphasize alignment, we need to start with accurate verbal cues. Later we can indicate or…

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