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A wonderful surprise video our October 2019 TTC students have prepared for us at the end of the course:

"Dear Luna Team and all who are interested in participating the Luna Alignment Yoga TTC in the future ❤️
This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course was more than I expected, and I'm the type of person who really values high standards. In this place I grew as an alignment yoga teacher, and also as a human. This training is designed so well that I was able to focus just on my well being, learning and relaxing! I've gained so much useful knowledge, experience and met wonderful people. Tal Swissa and her dream team have created such a wonderful environment, where we as a group, get along and support each other like a family. If you think that this is enough to make a decision, I haven't even mentioned anything about delicious, healthy food and the studio surrounded by nature.
Honestly, this is not some random yoga teacher training, this is a great one! And also a personal yoga retreat where you can blossom, feel confident and safe in your yoga teacher journey.
Thank you ❤️
- Sandra G Wilkins‎, Poland - October 2019 TTC

This month has been life changing on so many levels. I am incredibly grateful to have the privilege, yes privilege, to take a month to attend one of the most comprehensive trainings I could have asked for. Not only have I gained a teaching certificate and a new appreciation for the power of yoga to heal the body and release trauma, but I'm making a new commitment to myself on a very deep level. Thank you Luna Alignment Yoga Tal Swissa Arnaud Chartier Naama Nami Peled ♡ Thank you for the support and heartfelt blessings on some new lifelong friends who walked their own journey next to mine this month. We're all in this together ♡ Be blessed and be a blessing"
- Vanessa Banessa, Hawaii - October 2019 TTC

Thank you Luna Alignment Yoga, Tal, Arnaud, Naama and Guy for the wonderful and enlightening journey! Everything from the teachings, space, the environment, and even the food were amazing. For me, this TTC was a life-changing experience that taught me so much about yoga and beyond, about life and authenticity, on personal and universal levels. I am so grateful to all my teachers and my amazing and supportive group! ❤️🙏 "
- Jud Gante, Israel - October 2019 TTC

This month was magic, better then what I expected. I came for a yoga teacher training but it was a lot more then just that. You learn a lot and you grow as a human to become better for you so you can help and share the magic of yoga. Yoga is not just asanas is much more then that so if you want to know more about it, don't hesitate come to this place. The teachers are wonderful they have all so much to share ! What to say about the yoga shala, praticing yoga with an entiere view in the jungle in Thaïland ! Eating delicious food and meeting friends from all around the world. Just Perfect :)"
- Lisa Schoovaerts, France - October 2019 TTC

"The place is magical 🌈
The Teachers are authentic, smart, humble and beautiful
The island is enchanted. I honestly can’t think about leaving!
So happy to have chosen this training 🙏"
- Karina Catellani, Argentina - August 2019 TTc

"I finished the 100-hour Aug teacher training and it was amazing! Very professional and well ran course. I learned lots on anatomy and yoga therapy. Teachers very knowledgeable and approachable. I would recommend the place and the teachers for any training and I will hopefully be back for some more training one day!"

- Laura Louise MacDonald, United Kingdom - August 2019 TTC

After returning to this magical island for the 3rd time i can definitely say that this TTC is truly very special.
The first time i came for my 200hr TTC which was mind-blowing. I learned so many details from which I can still benefit in my teachings 3 years later. After attending another TTC as an assistant I could see that the program was in its essence the same but they were refining and adding new stuff all the time.
Anu, Tal and Naama not only gave me their deep knowledge about anatomy and yoga philosophy, their personal thoughts and theories to several topics, but also the confidence to hold space for somebody else, which at least for me cannot be learned but needs to be discovered and allowed to develop. These people gave me the space and setting to do so. And for this special gift I'll always be grateful for.
So, the third time I came back for a therapeutic training, which was amazing as well, only this time - I was already expecting it to be this great :D
Thank you for reliability, honesty and patience - this was and still is one of the best experiences in my life!
Much love from Austria
- Sandra Scharf, Austria - August 2019 TTC

"Amazing teachers combining physical alignments with personal inner work through the body mind and spirit in the magical island of Koh Phangann!!
Highly recommended!!!!"

- Patrizia Chiozza, Italy - August 2019 TTC

"This picture reflect exactly what means Luna Alignment:
But before that, it was and has been Discovery, Exploration, Humbleness, Sharpness, Authenticity, NoGood-NoBad, just experience with a lot of Humanity. Empowered and Sharpened by Linking my two sides (feminine-masculine), 2018 TTC 2018 with TAL&ANU was a true walk.
The Second TTC19 with them made me Seat my Self-Confidence, Integrity, reinforcement.
By not willing to show off or nourish the idea of being a perfect teacher and not avoiding a true Self-Recognition, means that they attract humanBeing ready to step in the unknown of themselves. And the effects are beautiful experience.
Merci to you two sincerely and to Guy and Nami that made this group a family for us in those transformation.
If I would recommend they school?
Many times! YES!
It is not the perfect one to nourish your ego, but definitely to connect all of your parts on an holistic approach. Knowing they are moving each year and more and more through movement too.
I’ll come back soon to get Juicy ha ha and to nourish myself :))
My sweet love and happiness for you all,
- Saiman Discovery (Barbey), Switzerland - August 2019 TTC

"I have attended 3 yoga teacher trainings this year. I was blown away with the in-depth knowledge gained! We had 3 different instructors with extensive backgrounds in physio and therapy. Our first instructor focused on neck, shoulders, spine/back and hips and she has close to 20 years experience. Our second instructor and owner of school also with 20 years experience focused on strengthening the core but not just the physical core, but the emotional core too. And our third instructor brought awesome insight into trauma therapy. It was so insightful and I walked away not only learning how to better serve a student with issues in these areas but also really was surprised at how much I took away personally! This course allowed me to look through a different lense and connect more closely with what I learned from my previous two retreats. I highly recommend this school for teacher training as they have set the bar high for quality in yoga education and ensured students really understood what was being conveyed and how to apply it once you leave for your future students and personally."
- Natosha Wallace, USA - August 2019 TTC

"The teachings of Tal and Arnaud changed my life profoundly and their ways and methods are still with me and something I keep incorporating every day.
I enjoyed it all; from the meditation practices in the morning, the tandava, the inspirations from Tich Nath Han, the thorough anatomy teachings, the partner works, the breaks in between, the playfulness, the openness. The A L I G N M E N T. The way these two beings, accompanied by the beautiful teachers Lior, Liat and Julie, held space for us, is beyond any way I can explain with words.
I felt that each and every single class was a communication between their soul and mine.
I feel so grateful to have been a part of this experience and to be able to share it with my lovely co-students. Even being lucky enough to dine with food from the exquisite Art Café by Pat and her charming staff.
Can recommend for anyone who is open to explore the depths of yoga and mindfulness on a down-to-earth level. Much love"
- Nerid Høiness, Norway - June 2019 TTC

"It was a very special experience in my life and it changes me , and gives to another way because not just knowledge but therapeutic and healing... i love everyone and everything, my theachers were very kind and gentle and professional 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻"
- Nubough Abosaleh, Syria - June 2019 TTC

"I enjoyed every single day of my 300 hr ttc (June-July 2019) with Luna Alignment Yoga. I am thankful to Tal and Arnaud for creating a safe environment both for practice and learning. This training not only provided valuable tools for my own health but also I felt better equipped as a yoga teacher.
When I contacted Luna for this training program, Guy replied to my emails promptly and answered all my questions in detail which was already a good start for the program.
I arrived Koh Phangan a few days before my training and absolutely fell in love with the island and the little village of Srithanu where Luna is located. I stayed at Seaview Rainbow Resort, located at a beautiful beach and a 15 minute walk to our yoga shala. I rented a scooter from a shop (which Luna recommended) at a reasonable price; and it took me about 3 minutes to go to the shala with the scooter.
The ttc program was very well structured. I was glad to see a certain discipline in terms of schedule. We started every day with meditation, followed by a theory and a practice class before lunch. We had another set of theory and practice class in the afternoon. I enjoyed the anatomy classes which were very detailed. I actually enjoyed every single class, so even though I was so tired some days, I did not miss any single class in the 300 hr training:) The yoga practicums in terms of sequence were all in line with the theory classes, with themes. We used props a lot which is essential for making yoga available for all kinds of students and getting the benefits of an asana with a therapeutic touch. We delved into details of basic asanas in asana labs which provided a base for more advanced asanas. We had massage training from Julie during the program which was valuable. I enjoyed the Kirtan night and philosophy classes from Lior and vinyasa class and Yoganidra from Liat.
The yoga shala was very peaceful; surrended by the forest. Breakfast was fruits and tea; lunch was soup, salad and noodles/rice. There was always plenty of food during lunch with an option to take leftovers for dinner. There are also nice places which are reasonably priced to eat at the Srithanu village.
All in all, I would recommend this program to fellow teachers who want to deepen their yoga knowledge while transforming themselves with a finer alignment of body, mind and spirit.
Tal and Arnu; thank you ❤️❤️❤️."
- Bahar Deniz Egemen, Turkey - June 2019 TTC

"After taking my 200 h TTC, assisting in a 300 h ATTC and taking a 25 h yoga therapy training with Luna Alignment Yoga within the last 6 months, I am confident to say that all their yoga teacher trainings are truly exceptional and unique in so many ways that I can highly recommend them to everybody! Through Luna I learned that yoga is so much more than what I had known and practiced so far! 🧘‍♀️
Their programs are thought trough in every detail and adapted to their students’ needs throughout the training.Tal’s and Anu’s classes as well as the guest teachers’ ones are packed with deep knowledge and tools far beyond classical asana practice, anatomy and yoga philosophy (which is of course taught as well). Moreover, the teachers possess an amazing honesty, love and openness towards themselves, their students, nature and life. This special atmosphere and the incredibly beautiful venue of Pranayama Garden form a safe space for the students to evolve deeply as a group and individually during the training. 🌴
During my time with Luna, I discovered a depth of the body-mind connection that I had never thought possible before. I got a new understanding of the connection of one’s body posture, life story and personality. The support of the teachers, assistants and the other students made an amazing personal transformation possible for me. I can see deeper layers now in myself and others allowing me to develop more love and a new embracing of life. Together with all the theoretical knowledge, the asana alignment, teaching experiences, use of props, asana variations, adjustments and the therapeutic approaches that we learned, I feel confident to be a yoga teacher who is not only able to listen to my students’ physical and emotional needs but who can create unique yoga classes standing out of the big crowd of yoga teachers in the world. Therefore, take your training with Luna if you want more than the mainstream teaching and are eager to practice and teach yoga in a safe manner by understanding and using the correct asana alignment no matter what style of yoga you are practicing/teaching! 🌺
I am deeply grateful for this life transforming experience and all the support I got on my personal path! Now, I am excited to start teaching yoga and to pass on the tools and knowledge I learned. Hope to be back for other trainings with you soon! 🍀
Thank you so much Tal, Anu, Guy, Pat and the rest of the Luna family! Love you! ❤️"
- Mareike Engel, Germany - March 2019 TTC

"When I started this journey I didn’t know what I expected. A lot of Yoga I guess. Even though that had a completely different meaning back then.
Yoga is a journey. To one self. And that’s exactly what we started together 4 weeks ago.
Tal and Anu created a space in which we could all open ourselves. Everyone at his own time.Everything that happened in this space was being held from every single one of us in the most delicate way. And then we were able to release. Expectations..., fears, memories. The deeper we dug, the faster we tore down the walls that separated us. And then there was only compassion and love and connection. And that’s Yoga. Yoga is the awareness that everything is interwoven. It is the resting in yourself. Yoga is love. I know that now.
The past 4 weeks I’ve learned to breath so deep, that my heart can cover the entire planet. Space was created inside me. Space that was there all along. These 4 weeks did not only make me a yoga teacher, but so much more. They made me a better person. A softer person. They gave me strength in places I didn’t know I needed it. And I will be forever grateful for that.
I don‘t know how you got so lucky to find this particular TTC but take my words as a sign from the universe or whatever you believe in and book this training. You will be rewarded ❤️"
- Lisa Bergmann, Germany - March 2019 TTC

"I researched yoga teacher training courses for months before choosing Luna Alignment Yoga and I couldn't have chosen a better course for myself. Being a teacher trainer myself I have high standards so I was delighted how this course exceeded my expectations in so many ways; the quality and knowledge of the teachers who created a safe place to learn, the training materials, venue, and the course content which has given me a broad, solid foundation from which to start my yoga teaching career. The beautiful island is the cherry on the cake. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, have no hesitation to book on, this is an incredible, magical experience."
- Sam Russell, England - March 2019 TTC

"Almost two months after my YTTC with Luna Alignment Yoga, I'm starting to integrate everything I learned and experienced during the course. It was very different than expected, but in the best of ways: Both Tal and Anu are real teachers with vast knowledge and experience, yet without a trace of arrogance. They were patient, compassionate, loving and understanding towards every single student, and throughout the course, there was no question too stupid or no problem too small be discussed. The course is designed to allow and encourage personal development, and there was always space to share insights and personal issues in a safe environment.
Usually I'm very stressed before exams and especially practical tests, but in this time, I experienced them as what they really are: a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow.
I came with very limited knowledge and experience, but left with a thick booklet full of extensive, well-structured and understandable information about the body, the mind and the soul. I also left with more confidence in my own abilities and invaluable insights. Since I started teaching in small groups, I realize not only how much I actually learned in such a short time, but also that I'm able to pass my knowledge on to my students and explain things with great detail.
I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn A LOT of very useful things from great teachers and really understand how and why to practice yoga. Thank you ⁦❤️⁩"
- Verena Charmine, Austria - March 2019 TTC

"Summary😁: I without hesitation would recommend this TTC to anyone looking for expert yoga posture, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, and instructional techniques as a way to deepen their practice, their own mental prowess, and to be very prepared to teach students. The TTC is structured enough so that a vast curriculum is studied in detail but not so rigid that you cannot dive deeper into areas of specific interest and enjoy the discussion. The course, the location, and the ...amazing people all surpassed expectation and made the experience one that I will always treasure.

Long one🤓:
There are many TTCs available, throughout the world and throughout Koh Phagnan, please let me tell you the reason I am most happy we chose Luna Alignment Yoga (aside from the fact that my wife did all the tough research and basically made the decision, I simply showed up to have an amazing experience 😀 ):
1. The people- You cannot spell ‘Talented’ without Tal, you cannot spell ‘A Numero Uno Instructor’ without Anu. This tag team brought amazing balance to the course and offered different perspectives and lecture focuses throughout the TTC. I can say both are experts in their trades of yoga, anatomy, meditation, patience, and both poses great ability to instruct to diverse group of yogi learners. The Other instructors (Nami) Assistants (Daria, Imke, Kavita) Course Manager (Ferdinand), and the Logistics Wizard (Guy) provided immense support to ensure the TTC was as successful as it was and allowed us to focus on our studies and the journey.
2. The location- Our TTC itself was situated in a beautiful studio/garden/library overlooking the jungle called Pranayama Gardens. This lush garden is right out of a nature lover’s dream. The Garden staff was also very friendly, kind, and prepared the most delicious and nutritious meals. The greater area was filled with great shops, a variety of restaurants, and of course beautiful beaches with some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.
3. The logistics- between the ease of use of the Luna Website, the amazingly intuitive frequently asked questions section under ‘The Center’ tab on the web page, Guy had us covered. And what we either didn’t read or needed reassurance on, Guy provided us with clear, swift responses and took care of all our logistical questions. From setting up our accommodations (which were perfect), to recommending restaurants, taxi service, scooter rentals, how to get to the island etc., Guy had answers and was extremely helpful.
Before I conclude, I’d like to reiterate this was the experience of a lifetime for so many reasons. This was an amazing journey and we could not have asked for a better group to share our TTC and honeymoon with. THANK YOU!!"
- Mike Torrisi, USA - March 2019 TTC

"I spent three months researching for the right yoga TTC and I can say with complete confidence I know I picked the right one. If you believe that yoga is more than just a workout and see it as a way of life, this is the right teacher training for you. If you don’t, it is also the right teacher training for you. The space that is created is so open and welcoming of all kinds of people with varied beliefs, cultures, experiences, perspectives.... it’s incredibly beautiful and a ...once in a lifetime experience to be immersed in it.
The teaching was highly practical and professional, covering all the basics to certify and prepare me to start teaching. This is what I expected and my expectations were exceeded. I learnt invaluable lessons and the teachers and staff truly facilitated a space for personal and practical growth. The teachers Tal Anu and Nami are incredibly down to earth, completely true to themselves and have such genuine, loving intentions which are the most important things I look for in a teacher. There was no thrusting of beliefs or shoving down our throats of how we should be or teach like them. They completely allowed me to learn freely, develop my own insights all the while setting clear boundaries to help me get the most out of my training.
You could really tell and feel that every detail of the course was thought out well. It’s designed in a way that makes sense. For that I am grateful, for throughout the entire course I felt safe and in good hands.
As the course started I felt I wasn’t getting enough physical exercise, but as many of the students agreed, we in fact felt a lot stronger in our bodies and our practice by the end of it. There was just the right amount of strenuous activity because the intensity of the course (mental, emotional, physical) is enough already.
The food provided by the lovely Pranayama Garden team was incredible to say the least. It was made with love and even though it was vegan (which I am not) I was always satisfied and stoked especially being able to take some home for dinner.
I can’t put into words the amount of gratitude I have for my experience with Luna Alignment.... I know it can be overwhelming picking the right TTC, but I’ll just say that this one let me chose how spiritual or practical I wanted my experience to be.
Thank you again Tal, Anu, Nami, Pat, assistants and Pranayama Garden 💕".
- Lisa Hwang, Australia - March 2019 TTC

"I was dreaming about doing a yoga TTC for more than two years. Luckily there was a change in my life, that finally enabled me to go on a 4 weeks Yoga-TTC. I did a lot (!) of research on finding the „right“ TTC, which was hard, as I couldn‘t know in advance if the descriptions and promises of the different TTCs prove to be true.
In the end I chose Luna Alignment Yoga and I’m more than happy about that. There wasn’t a single moment regreting my choice and decision. Furthermor...e I was grateful and thankful 24/7 for the journey I could make thanks to Luna Alignment Yoga.
This journey was definitely not only a journey to Thailand, including sunshine, delicious, healthy food and bathing in the sea. It was a journey to a very profound yoga practice, to empowerment, eye opening events and a journey where I could meet a lot of lovely, inspiring and wonderful people from all over the world.
Tal, Anu, Nami, the assistants, Ferdinand, Guy and the team around Pranayama Garden/Art Cafe are just amazing and made the whole TTC very special. All oft hem take so much care of each individual, of the entire group, of the TTC itself and made the 4 weeks to an experience I don’t want to miss and I’ll never forget.
Finally I want to say…don’t think about the money you have to spend. Don’t think about the time you need for participating in the TTC. Don’t be afraid of challenges you might go through during the TTC. Just DO IT. I ensure, you won’t regret going on and through this amazing journey."
- Gudrun Altinger, Austria - March 2019 TTC

"Amazing teacher training yoga course!
First of all, there are hundreds of yoga teaching courses out there. After finishing mine with Luna Alignment Yoga, I know I've made the best choice ever to go with them.
Its a week now since I have completed my yoga teaching training course in Koh Phangan and so a week since I am back to work, back in to the corporate jungle, rat race or whatever you want to call it and yet I feel different. I cannot point exactly and say this happened o...r that, is the sum of everything that happens during this month yoga course, the work of each of the wonderful teachers, the students, assistants....bottom line, I am better prepared now to deal with whatever life throws at me, to deal with stress, people, situations...I am observing and analysing more rather than being sucked into the all the tiny situations, emotions, etc.
In few words, Luna Alignment Yoga has given me a backpack full of useful tools that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.
PS: Yesterday I attended one of my favourite yoga class in London (first yoga class after completing my yoga course a week ago) and now I felt it differently, not in a bad way, I just observed and I realised just how much knowledge the teachers have transferred to us :). - thank you!
So, here are the teachers, the way I see them through my own eyes:
Tal - a very strong woman, inspiring through her life story, passionate about yoga, caring with the students and people around her, highly experienced, down to earth with high discipline - I miss her so much already!
Anu - a very kind man, yet strong and disciplined, passionate about yoga, meditation and highly experienced. Anu is making the perfect team with Tal, when the 2 of them were present during a lecture class or practicum, I for one, felt that together they are so strong as a team, I felt safe, I knew I was learning the right things and they were honest and truthful at all times.
Nama (Nami) - a very passionate woman, strong, very creative and artistic, her classes are different and unique, opening new horizons in our minds and in our realities, teaching us to observe, be compassionate whilst protecting ourselves and much more.
Overall it has been an amazing experience, good food on the island, lovely weather. The life on the island, when you are not at the course is in general ok but it really depends on each individual's expectations.
Thank you again! Xxx"
- Georgiana (Gina) Stanca, Romania - March 2019 TTC

"I finished my TTC 6 weeks ago and already taught some private yoga classes in my living room which people seemed to enjoy. So this speaks for its self I guess ;) Luna Alignment has prepared me very well to start to my own journey on becoming a good yoga teacher and has deepened my belief that yoga can be a great teacher and healer. Tal and Arnaud are very genuine and knowledgeable people with a lot of experience in the different fields of yoga. Where Arnaud is more on the side, Tal does a great job in keeping the group together which in times can be a bit scary, but I understood quickly that she holds great love for her students. Also, she is very funny and unbelievable caring.
The training of Luna provides a lot of knowledge in autonomy, injuries, causes for injuries and effects of injuries. This opened up a new world to me and made me become a bit more careful in my own practice. Also, now I feel like a some yoga teacher are not taking enough care of the different physical abilities of their students.
I think for future students it's important to understand that with Luna it will not be about mastering crazy arm balances or practicing yoga like a HIIT training. It will be about alignment of all the basic postures, about practices for organic autonomy and about understanding your self. Most of the poses practiced there will not score you 1000 likes on Instagram, but will enable you to become a great teacher. Thank you very much 🙏"
Lucia Schmitt, Germany - March 2019 TTC

"If you want to be a good, mindful yoga teacher or just simply a better human being, you should join Luna for their next YTTC! Just be careful- it might be the best month of your life and you will want to stay on the island forever ✨ What a journey it was! I met so many wonderful people from all over the world, with whom I could truly connect from day 1. Tal, Anu and Naami are amazing teachers who share their knowledge about yoga and life in general. Everything they say comes from the heart, you can feel it. They are all so different, but you can find piece of yourself in every one of them. The course is designed perfectly. There is a perfect balance between anatomy, alignment, emotions and mind- body connection. Every day I was surprised by the amount of knowledge we were receiving. The food in our school was amazing, you have different accommodation option to choose from (recommend the AC one) and the island it’s so conscious, safe and friendly. If you feel like you want to change something in your life I highly recommend this YTTC! I’m so grateful for universe to guide me there ❤️."
- Barbara Czarkowska Klamka, United Kingdom - March 2019 TTC

"This YTTC program was well-thought-out and presented by Tal, Anu and Nami - three inspiring, passionate yoga teachers with very different teaching perspectives and styles. I learnt so much. I was like a human sponge! You really wanted to pick their brains as much as you could during this month and take home ALL the wisdom that they have. Their knowledge and, experience in training was impressive. The program attracted to good-hearted people, the energy during this course was beautiful, we connected like a family and it was a nice feeling. The island, Koh Phangan created a unique setting for this spiritual transformation and I really loved waking up every morning and becoming a better version of myself. Overall, it’s all about alignments and balance- don’t forget to breathe...Treat yourself nice massages. Amazing vegan food and refreshing coconuts. I enjoyed every magic moments while it lasted."
- Mak Chui Liu (Candy), Hong Kong - March 2019 TTC

"Tal, Anu, and Nami were such a breath of fresh air. Their honesty and open communication throughout the TTC did not go unnoticed. Tal set the bar very high with this program she put together! It’s difficult to imagine doing a TTC with anyone else. The sense of safety and family that is built from day one allowed for everyone to take chances and challenge themselves in their learning. Having three instructors with three different focus areas was so important to have this incredibly well rounded course. While I went home exhausted every single day, I went to sleep thinking about everything we had learned and how I could apply it. I woke up every morning excited to start the new day, ready for new knowledge to be shared by these three amazing humans."
- Anna Noland, USA - October 2018 TTC

"I recently completed the Luna Alignment Yoga TTC in Koh-Phangan in October and I highly recommend it.
Tal and Anu carefully prepared and shared their knowledge, expertise and hands on experience, while supporting each one of us during our individual yogic journey. Nami also shared another perspective and got us out of our comfort zone to explore our inner worlds, without boundaries. Each was inspirational in his/her own way. It was a nicely balanced trifecta of facilitators. The assistants were always there for support and additional guidance when needed. The laid back island setting, the nearby beaches and the freshly cooked vegan food were all pluses that enhanced the yoga training experience.
I received so much more than I ever imagined from their transformational program and hope to return in the future for their 300 hour course! If you want to learn proper alignment, obtain a solid foundation on anatomy, the history and multiple dimensions of yoga, and dig deeper within yourself, this course is for you."
- Alena Alberani, Canada - October 2018 TTC

"I´ve resonated with Luna Alignment Yoga from the moment I was searching for a TTC. I had no doubt. There are not enough words to express this experience. I keep on learning every day. I´m very thankful for my teachers. I enjoyed so much learning from their different approaches. They showed me how to be authentic and human, to be kind and compassionate while holding space for others and myself. Sharing 200hr with strangers that became my family. I took not only the knowledge with me but also people that I keep really close to my heart. My understanding of the body, emotions, spirituality and mind has expanded, and it´s a journey that will continue for life. Great local food made with lots of love, good organization, and the predisposition of the assistants was remarkable too. Thank you so much kahhh"
- Belu Malter Terrada, Spain - October 2018 TTC

"If you are thinking of going to Luna Alignment Yoga, do it!! Luna provided me with the best foundation of yoga knowledge that I could ask for. The teachers are authentic, genuine, and caring; they share their immense knowledge in a firm yet loving manner. The island is a beautiful paradise. The entire experience felt like a dream come true. It was an incredible experience and I met lifelong friends. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to change their life for the better. Going there for my TTC was the best decision I could have made. Thank you so much Luna Alignment Yoga, I love you 💙"
- Kristen Burns, USA - October 2018 TTC

"I would highly recommend Luna Alignment Yoga a zillion times. I joined the October 2018 TTC and can say that it changed my life completely. The teachers are very profesional and knowledgeable. They don't only teach you but also guide you through the whole process and transformation. I am so grateful and lucky for all the support and knowledge I received. The most rewarding, challenging and beautiful experience I ever had. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. 🙏💙"
- Rosario Rueda Minguez, Spain - October 2018 TTC

"I can’t recommend Luna Alignment enough! Before leaving for Thailand to begin the course, Guy was very thorough in answering all my queries and making sure everything was in order. I was welcomed with open arms, and all of the staff created a beautiful space for us to feel safe and supported. Tal, Arnaud and Naami all gave their own unique expertise, wisdom and experience. I have come away not only with my certificate, but with a feeling of empowerment, more knowledge of myself and my new yoga family."
- Emma Shaw, United Kingdom - October 2018 TTC

"I’m so happy that I chose to do my TTC with Luna. The quality of teaching is so high, the course is carefully thought out and very thorough, Tal and Anu are really inspiring, and I felt totally supported and cared for throughout the course. It was a really transformative and meaningful process that has really helped prepare me for the journey ahead. I will always cherish my time at Luna! "
- Louka Oulton, United Kingdom - October 2018 TTC

"It was my first TTC, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I loved it from day one until the end! So much knowledge and work put into the program by the teachers, a lot of attention to every student. Location is just absolutely beautiful, I miss so much those morning meditations and yoga classes with birds and insects singing outside in the garden❤️. If you are having any doubts - definitely go for this course."
- Yuliya Melnyk, United Arab Emirates - October 2018 TTC

"The course is structured really well to ensure you learn what you need to, but also experience something special. All three instructors are extremely knowledgable and brought very different perspectives to the content which gave us an incredible opportunity to explore the mind-body-spirit connection holistically. Each teacher brought a very different energy which meant that the schedule was always interesting and dynamic. It's given me the deeper understanding of yoga asana alignment and teaching tools that I was looking for, but Tal, Anu and Nami created the kind of environment that nurtured our own healing and transformation, and gave us the tools to continue to pursuing it beyond the course. This is a really special TTC that attracts really wonderful people to go on this journey with you. The part of the island where it takes place is also idyllic and peaceful with many lovely beaches close by, waterfalls and forests to explore, and lots of great restaurants and things to see and do at the evenings and weekends."
- Kiran Yoliswa, United Kingdom - October 2018 TTC

"This TTC gives you a proper knowledge about alignment yoga. It’s focus how to practice the asanas in a healthy way. During the TTC you learn about meditation, vinyasa yoga, ayuverda, massage, the body, yoga philosophy and the most important thing a lot about yourself. The three teachers are very different and this offers you a wide range of knowledge in the yoga field. They all teach you with passion. It’s inspiring. I can absolutely recommend this TTC."
- Birgit Schenker, Germany - October 2018 TTC

"Very professional instructors, with great care and attention to the students, very interesting and exciting teaching knowledge. My body has become healthier and more flexible. A deeper understanding of my body. The instructors taught how to give this important knowledge to other people."
- Olena Heyko, Ukraine - October 2018 TTC

"I am very grateful that I was able to follow this ttc. I learned so much and it really exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The teachers are amazing and the food, location and the island are superb. I would recommend it to everyone."
- Monique Brouwer, The Netherlands - October 2018 TTC

"Great teachers with a lot of knowlege, their find the right path between strongness and softness."
- Daniel Schmed, Switzerland - October 2018 TTC

"I just recently finished the TTC and I have to say I miss it already. (All of it!!) ~ The meditations, the wide range of classes focusing on so many different areas of Yoga, the beautiful location, the food and the amazing people I feel lucky to have shared the journey with. The teachers are amazing! They have so much experience and knowledge to share. It's priceless. I feel that their passion comes from a place of genuine love and compassion for their students' well being, as well as a deep and real understanding of the transformations Yoga can bring. They went to great lengths to make sure we understood the content, explaining things clearly and drawing on their own personal experiences alot to help us. This is what I feel made the course so special and unique! I felt fully supported throughout the whole month, not only to complete the course itself, but to manage areas of my life that I can struggle with. The course was very well structured and super organised. I loved how it flowed and how we were constantly able to connect the theory we had just learned to our practice. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in understanding Yoga, how to practice safely, and also to those interested in areas of self-development, healing and life transformation. I'm so so happy I chose Luna Alignment!!"
- Hayley Neal, United Kingdom - July 2018 TTC

"I’m really happy I choose this TTC! The course was really well thought out and the teachers super knowledgeable. Gained a lot of knowledge about anatomy, how to adjust, therapeutical benefits of yoga, yoga philosophy and how to build classes for different purposes. We were also practicing teaching a lot which gave me confidence to start teaching just after few weeks from graduation. Highly recommend this course! Thank you Luna Alignment 💕😊"
- Laura Ihatsu, Australia - July 2018 TTC

"I did the Luna Alignment Yoga TTC and I enjoyed every second of it! I`m a yoga teacher already and wanted to deepen my knowledge around Anatomy, Therapeutic yoga and Alignment and I got more than I expected. The main teachers, Tal and Anu are both so knowledgeable and explain their topics in a very clear and easy to grasp way. But what I loved even more than the theoretical and practical knowledge was their authenticity, openness and their sharing’s about their life. They are a source of inspiration, thank you both! Next to them there are other people teaching and helping around. To see different people teaching gives you diverse angels on the same topic, which I find very inspiring and empowering to find, transform or adjust my own voice as a yoga teacher. Thank you to the whole team, everyone was very supportive, loving and caring.
I couldn’t recommend this course more, if you look for a good foundation as a new yoga teacher or a deepening of your knowledge you already have – join!"
- Selina Clement, Switzerland - July 2018 TTC

"Very thorough and in depth one month course with knowledgeable, experienced and approachable lecturers/yoga instructors. Learnt a lot in such a short space of time while enjoying the journey to the full."
- Mary Guiney, Ireland - July 2018 TTC

"I proudly completed the 200 hour TTC with Luna Alignment Yoga What an incredible program and journey it was! It was taught with expertise and delivered with passion. Yes, I learned a lot about alignment and technique, but more importantly, I learned more about trusting myself and engaging with others. Luna Alignment provided me with the opportunity to practice and grow in a safe and professional environment. For that , I will always be grateful. Highly recommended!"
- Ricard Pedersen, USA - July 2018 TTC

"I went into the TTC with high expectations and Luna completely exceeded them. It was so obvious to me that every part of the course had been thoughtfully and carefully designed with an incredible amount of passion, experience, and knowledge. I left the course with a very clear sense of direction regarding how I want to continue growing in my own personal practice, as well as with so much more knowledge and a greater sense of confidence to begin teaching. The course also provides you with a very safe space to look inward, cultivate greater self-awareness, and encourages self-transformation, to as great of a degree as you are willing to work and be open.
Alignment, safe practice, and the therapeutic aspects of yoga are obviously the focus and foundation of both the curriculum and the yoga classes, and the integration between the two is clear. Overall, I found the course to be very dynamic, as Tal, Arnaud, and Nami each bring a unique perspective based on their own diverse experiences in many types of yoga, meditation, and movement.
I would highly recommend Luna Alignment Yoga to anyone who loves to learn, wants to build a stronger foundation and understanding of alignment, build confidence in teaching, and gain greater understanding of themselves. I would do it over again if I could!"
- Lindsey Mitchell, USA - July 2018 TTC

"I recently finished the TTC and just wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity to learn yoga with such an amazing group of people led by such passionately experienced yoga teachers. The teachers Tal, Anu and Nami truly made the course and I couldn't recommend this course anymore. I loved how genuine, real and raw they were and how they openly and honestly shared their own personal experiences and struggles with the class in relation to their lives and yoga. They were extremely professional and thorough with the structuring of the weeks/classes. I absolutely loved and appreciate the goldmines of information/details on alignment on how to safely practice/teach yoga asanas. Before the course I'd say I had little to no self-practice in meditation and I am now highly motivated and continually practicing with a daily meditation practice anywhere from 10-20minutes a day! (which is a big deal for me)
After the month I've left with a solid base of foundational knowledge on yoga with so many avenues to explore, learn and grow from. Throughout the course I loved how we could actively apply and experiment with the theory to the practicality. This helped me to understand ideas and concepts a lot more using my own body as a catalyst. I felt very much supported through-out the month and feel this experience was truly priceless! I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in building a deeper understanding of Yoga on all levels, how to practice safely with proper alignment, and also to anyone interested in areas of self-development and healing. Thank you Luna Alignment!"
- Patrick Uy, Australia - July 2018 TTC

"I just finished the July TTC and I am so happy I choose this particular TTC as my first.
The curriculum is beyond anything I expected. The amount of knowledge and inspiration that they manage to communicate is really impressive. I didn’t have much experience before this TTC and I found it to be such a perfect start to my journey of exploring Yoga. Alignment based yoga and the focus on yoga as therapy gave me the best possible ground to stand on for further study. The magica...l thing is that some of my fellow students were already teachers and they found themselves benefiting as much from this training as I did. This was possible because the teachers were so knowledgeable and experienced that even the basics were new ground for many.
The teachers also offered great support through out the training. If I had things on my mind, questions or worries they listened and made an effort to help me out.
The environment was beautiful and the accommodation that I ended up choosing was perfect.
Overall, I really recommend Luna Alignment Yoga TTC, It gave me everything I was hoping for and more."
- Emelie Sundgren, Sweden - July 2018 TTC

"I recently finished the TTC and it was an enlightening and enriching experience. This was my first TTC. The month was intense and you had to put a lot of dedication into being disciplined with early starts, six days a week, working throughout the day on yoga alignment, understanding different forms of meditation, bodywork, philosophy, spirituality, Sanskrit, healing methods and biology. There is a lot of groundwork to cover in just four weeks so the days were long, but so worthwhile. You end up shedding a lot of self-doubt and fears. So expect tears and frustration at times. I think in order to be a good yoga teacher you need to be your best self and this course really helps you do that. There were three main teachers (all with different strengths) who put their heart and soul into their work. Their diverse and knowledgeable methods is very beneficial for modern day teaching.
I left with a yoga certificate to teach, but along with all the training and knowledge I gained, I also left with a full heart, great friendships and new ways to expand on my therapy methods and yoga work. Out of all the courses in all the world I picked this one. Perhaps you can call this perfect alignment? It was the one that resonated with my heart and needs more than any other the others, and it happened to be the only course, geographically convenient, that I could devote a full month of my time to. I think if this course feels right to you, you should go for it! The four weeks was not only fluid, but the course helped me gain my own voice for my teaching methods, and it helped me gain the tools I needed for my path as a teacher."
- Hershey Pascual, United Kingdom - July 2018 TTC

"My TTC with Luna was a fantastic journey in the heart of yoga and in my heart. I learned a lot and grew up during this month thanks to the presence of the members of Luna and my classmates. I now feel like I have the basics necessary for my work in yoga, from the most grounding to the most holistic !! I highly recommend this course and I hope to come back someday! I found there far more than I had hoped"
- Pauline Demuynck, France - March 2018 TTC

"I went into this course expecting to focus on yoga asanas and mediation for the most part, which we most definitely did, but I also got so much more. The teachers were amazing, the self exploration was priceless and the experience was something I'm more than grateful for and will never forget."
- Keiona Hinds, Thailand - March 2018 TTC

"I would 10000% recommend this course. I think it’s really important when you’re beginning your teaching journey to start with a really solid foundation and this is what Luna Alignment will give you. There is a real emphasis on learning and truly understanding how to teach safely and to an array of abilities and health conditions. The Island, the people and the venue are absolutely beautiful and you will come away from the course having grown so much within yourself as well as within your practice, I couldn’t recommend this course
- Hannah Alderson, United Kingdom - March 2018 TTC

"I thoroughly enjoyed this yoga teacher training and feel I’ve gained so much from it. The teaching is high class, with each teacher having different backgrounds, bringing their own unique qualities and wealth’s of knowledge. The course is well structured and has a holistic feel. The course actually offered so much more then I was expecting and I definitely feel confident to start teaching. Thank you so much."
- Katie Sewell, United Kingdom - March 2018 TTC

"The experience Luna Alignment gives you is one of a kind. The course is extremely well structured and professional, but they still allow for times of fun and enjoyment. The teachers always know what to bring to class and they all bring something entirely different which brings a beautiful array of diversity that allows the students to craft their own teaching styles. The other aspects of Luna, such as the management side, was spot on as well. They were incredibly helpful getting me settled into my bungalow and if there was any sort of issue they were quick to resolve it and make sure I was comfortable. The food was really good, although I will say I got a little tired of the same meals almost every other day. I would and already have recommended this school to others as I think it was a life changing experience orchestrated perfectly by the most humble and loving teachers."
- Alli Olson, USA - March 2018 TTC

"The TTC i did at Luna Alignment was more then i expected. Not only did i learn a lot of tools for becoming a yoga teacher, it was also a physical and emotional transformation process that i experienced during the TTC. I'm very grateful to have done the TTC with the amazing teachers that were involved💜"
- Job Merkies, The Netherlands - March 2018 TTC

"From the moment I read the description of this course I knew this was for me, and I was right, yet I learned so much more than I could have imagined. Beautiful island, beautiful studio, and sincere, real teachers who teach from the heart. I gained a wealth of information but the experience is transformative beyond the knowledge acquired- it’s hard to put into words, you just have to experience it and then you’ll see for yourself. Thank you Luna!"
- Sonya Stoa, USA - March 2018 TTC

"This course was amazing! I felt it was exactly what I needed at that time. I was exposed to the marvelous world of yoga by intelligent, professional and insightful teachers and I couldn’t have asked for more. This course offers a lot of knowledge but also allowed me to go through a meaningful process with myself. I highly recommend it!"
- Yael Iddan, Israel - March 2018 TTC

"I attended the Luna Allignment TTC and I can say that It has been one of the most intense and amazing experiences that I had the opportunity to live so far, the teachers are so knowledgeable and experienced and every single one of them will give you a different perspective of yoga, giving you the opportunity to understand deeply the meaning of it and to have a strong base for either teaching or your own practice. This isn't a simple teacher training, it is a strong life changing healing and self awareness process. Thanks Tal, Arnaud, Nami and Shakti, you are all amazing teachers in your very unique way."
- Irene CA, Spain - March 2018 TTC

"As a fitness professional I went to Luna expecting a yoga program with a basic anatomical understanding...and got way more than I bargained for! What I received was a highly polished, professionally presented anatomy and kineseology, expert coaching on instructing asana and teaching yoga, yoga philosophy to blow (and reframe) my mind, next level meditation instruction, and an emotional and spiritual awakening. All in a beautiful setting with a like-minded group of students and a supportive community. Tal, Anu, and Naami are brilliant at what they do - each teaching in their own style that compliments the others. The course was well designed and structured and I can't say enough about how pleased I am that I chose Luna for my first TTC."
- Darlene Mccullough, USA - March 2018 TTC

"A life changing experience! I have so much to share. So many great moments from this amazing journey...Thank you to my amazing teachers that made this experience greater then I could ever imagine".
- Yael Sagi, Israel - October 2017 TTC

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a precious space.
The lessons I've learned over that past few weeks are simply invaluable"
- Rhiannon Valdez Bevan, USA - October 2017 TTC

"Thank you so much for creating such a safe space for us to grow"
- Kati Renk, Turkey - October 2017 TTC

"Such a magnificent and inspiring adventure. I attended the course twice, once for my 200hr certificate, then again to assist. I can honestly say that both experiences have been life changing. I have met so many wonderful people from all around the world and formed some amazing connections. I am so much more attuned to my body, my emotions, my thoughts, and all that surrounds me. Life has opened up to me and I am continually learning more and more. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve been looking through glasses that are scratched or smudged then you put on a brand new pair of polaroids and you realise the clarity you’ve been missing. Luna Yoga is the place to go"
- Larissa D'Annunzio, Australia - July 2017 TTC

"I had a transformative month long journey during the 200 hr TTC. Tal, Arnaud & Nami are the best teachers I could have asked for and I incorporate their knowledge into my own practice and teachings every day. What a beautiful and unique offering , I highly recommend the program."
- Hannah Ross, USA - July 2017 TTC

"Alignment Yoga is for me the healthy Yoga. To know how to move and adjust the body in a safe and beneficial way is a treasure! To become alert and a listener to the own body through Alignment Yoga is the key of Awareness in the here and now for me. Thank you to all the teachers for sharing their knowledge!"
- Sandra Scharf, Austria - March 2017 TTC

"If you’re looking for a professional and wonderful guided yoga ttc, this is the right place for you. Had the most wonderful time here twice and will definitely come back again. What an experience- the best way to do sth good for yourself and learn from super experienced and amazing teachers ❤️"
- Eva Stephanie Sekira, Germany - March 2017 TTC

"It was a great experience, really design and teach with professionalism, love and truthfulness, was super easy to trust all of you and surrender to the teaching I fell full of knowledge after and you gave me the curiosity to go beyond all you teach even if I still have a lot to digest and process and still study about what you gave to us...just thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Sophia Cardenas, USA - March 2017 TTC

"Wow! There are so many positive words to say about my experience! I went to the Alignment Yoga Teacher Training expecting to learn about alignment and learned so much more. Prior to arrive here I was feeling out of sorts and I realized that this was not a great place to be in as a Yoga teacher. During the course I gained such a deep understanding of myself as a Yoga teacher and was able to let go and transform personally and professionally. I really appreciate the amazing teachers. They taught me how to hold space and participate in Yoga with love and a therapeutic intention. They also held space so that I could heal. I highly recommend this TTC because it is challenging, therapeutic, and has the potential to change you from the inside out."
- Amber Stubbs, USA - March 2017 TTC

"Amazing teachers, heavenly place, beautiful people. Give a gift for yourself!"
- Bari Wolfson, Israel - October 2016 TTC

"From the deepest parts of my soul, thank you for an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. I will forever have mini Tal & Anu sitting on my shoulders during my practice and my teachings. There are so many lessons that I will be reflecting on for the rest of my life. The Universe does not have enough space for the amount of gratitude I have for this journey with you'll. Keep spreading this unique energy! Love oozes out of every pore of this place."
- Kim Elder, South Africa - October 2016 TTC

"I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to live in paradise for 4 weeks, advance my yoga practice, discover myself & most of all - to learn so much from you & develop the skills to be a great yoga teacher. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! This experience was life changing & i can say for sure that I'm leaving here as a better version of myself! You all inspire me to grow, practice yoga everyday and to be present always, but especially with my future students. I strive to be as passionate & inspirational as each of you when I teach."
- Jessie Beine, USA - July 2016 TTC

"The teachers were incredible. The space was beautiful and I loved the openness of the yoga hall. the sight and sounds of the garden and jungle gave a magical feel. The curriculum covered everything I hoped to learn and more, physically, mentally and spiritually. Choosing you was the best decision I made, I'd highly recommend this yoga training to anyone I love. Thank you!"
- Stephanie Meals, Germany - July 2016 TTC

"I was so blessed to choose this course over others for many reasons: i) the quality of teaching was superior to all I've heard about TTCs ii) empathy, love and kindness are ever present iii) individually all the people here are always so wonderful, helpful and kind. I am grateful for all the lessons and wisdom I have gained. I feel ready to teach others and deepen my yoga practice and spiritual education."
- Rebecca Debono, Malta - July 2016 TTC

"Coming to this TTC was one of the best decisions I have taken, the teachers, the school, the atmosphere, the contents of the course, it was just what I needed! Thank you everyone, you are all in my heart."
- Ainara Yaben, Spain - July 2016 TTC

"This month opened a new universe for me to become a better version of myself and to learn how to serve others best."
- Alisa Erasina, Russia - July 2016 TTC

"I still have you daily in my mind. So funny how big your influence on my yoga practice and thinking was. I wish I can receive a similar reaction in the heart and mind of my future students."
- Martin Toth, Germany - July 2016 TTC

"I attended the course in July 2015...and it was wonderful. So much knowledge, passion, true, love...The quality overpass my expectation and finally this experience changed my life.
I recommend Luna for anyone are looking for a professional TTC. The best teacher!!"
- Elena Marini, Italy - July 2016 TTC

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