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  1. New Year’s Resolutions

    2018-01-01 10:28:00 UTC
    The first day of the year is really a good time for some new year’s resolutions. In yoga we call it Samkalpa. Samkalpa means: will, motivation or resolution. It’s like a plan or a strategy. ✨We are the result of our samkalpas. That is to say: we are the result…

  2. Compassion Mediation

    2017-12-26 10:42:00 UTC
    Throughout our month long Alignment Yoga teacher training we practice every morning Mindfulness Meditation and in the evenings we practice different kinds of meditations. One of those meditations is Compassion Mediation inspired from the Buddhist tradition. What is Compassion? Genuine compassion is a state of mind that is non-violent, non-harming…

  3. Using Yoga Props

    2017-12-25 14:50:00 UTC
    We love using yoga props. B.K.S. Iyengar revived and developed into an art the use of props, but the ancient yogis used some props themselves (like a yoga danda). Sometimes, for some practitioners the use of props is perceived as weakness, but the use of it is actually sharpens the…

  4. Parsvottanasana

    2017-12-22 10:19:00 UTC
    Parsvottanasana.  In Iyengar Yoga there are sequences of asanas - each asana is teaching and preparing us for the next. In Parsvottanasana you can find elements of Tadasana, of Trikonasana and more. This asana is also a preparation for the understanding of the very challenging Virabhadrasna 1 - warrior 1.…

  5. Energetic Alignment

    2017-12-17 08:07:00 UTC
    Alignment in Yoga also means Energetic Alignment. Our bodies, our posture and asana alignment are affecting our energy flow. In our body we have positive and negative electric current flows. When those currents are balanced we enjoy good health. In the top of our head we have the positive pole…

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