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  1. Healing Mechanism

    2019-06-17 07:51:28 UTC
    Healing Mechanism| All living things have a healing mechanism as part of their system. We are all part of nature and and healing is a quality of nature. We all have cancer cells in our body, all sorts of inflammations, infections and so on… that’s natural and normal. The real…

  2. Inversions Asana

    2019-06-08 10:56:17 UTC
    Inversions Asana | The ancient yogis know the importance of inversions long before modern science knew anything about circulation.🌀“The asanas belonging to these groups will take care of general health such as postural and functional correction of the body. They will take care of circulation, digestion, excretion, and so on.”-Geeta…

  3. Nostrils and Breath

    2019-04-28 00:59:09 UTC
    Nostrils and Breath | Did you ever wonder why do we turn to our right hand side after Savasana?🌳There is a physiological meaning behind it.🌳Medical science realized that both nostrils are very much connected with the nervous system. Every 90 minutes, the pathway of the breath is shifting from the…

  4. Yoga and Selfie Generation

    2019-04-10 05:39:05 UTC
    Yoga and Selfie Generation | This new trend of sexy, perfect looking, perfectly flexible and equally strong “goddesses” sharing their perfect handstand practice on social media….Is a really sad misunderstanding of yoga, femininity and spirituality. I call this YOGA PORN and just like regular porn it’s demeaning for women. And…

  5. Yoga Props

    2019-03-22 08:22:38 UTC
    Yoga Props | Yoga is for EVERYbody!💕And that is why we love yoga props so much.💕B.K.S Iyengar described his motivation for developing the props👇🏾“Yoga is for all. Nobody should be denied the opportunity to experience its benevolence. It is this thought that impelled me to think of all these props.”🙏🏻The…

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