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  1. Yoga is for everyone

    2018-11-30 16:32:28 UTC
    Yoga is for everyone.|🌼It’s not about crazy asanas and beautiful flexible, photogenic people, it’s about awareness.💐Awareness to the body that will lead to awareness of the mind that will lead to health. It will also lead to awareness of our fellow human beings, as well as to awareness of mother…

  2. Tension and Rigidity

    2018-11-10 05:57:37 UTC
    Tension and Rigidity | Tension is not rigidity.💛In the body and mind we have necessary and unnecessary tension.💛Every asana should be held with the right amount of tension. 💛This takes practice…When in the asana scan your body to find where you need to add tension - by elongating the spine,…

  3. Awareness

    2018-10-18 03:14:59 UTC
    Awareness| Have you noticed how after few years of yoga practice, (or even months actually) you became more aware of your physical and emotional needs, more sensitive to yourself and to your environment?✨This is why: We have this amazing sensory system in our bodies, that‘s called - Interoception. ✨This system…

  4. Hands On Adjustments

    2018-10-03 02:43:00 UTC
    Hands On Adjustments | In Alignment Yoga hands on adjustments are very particular.🌱It can be very tempting and easy for a teacher to just ‘take’ the student into an asana. Instead we offer a process where the teacher takes time to know the student.🌱In the teacher training course we teach…

  5. Bhakti

    2018-09-10 02:52:56 UTC
    Bhakti | In Sanskrit the word Bhakti means devotion. There are 9 forms of devotion in the practice of Bhakti Yoga. One of them is Kirtanam or Kirtan - singing of God’s glories. Since Yoga grew out of Hinduism, we mostly sing of Hindu gods, but actually (and practically) any…

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