Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is for everyone.
It’s not about crazy asanas and beautiful flexible, photogenic people, it’s about awareness.
Awareness to the body that will lead to awareness of the mind that will lead to health. It will also lead to awareness of our fellow human beings, as well as to awareness of mother nature and our planet.
It doesn’t matter what kind of yoga you practice. What matters is that you feel better after a practice. That after some time of practice you feel a change in you - the awareness will manifest its self throughout all aspects of life.
If you are a teacher - the connection with the students matter. I always tell my TTC students that if they take only one thing from this course I hope it will be love for their students. This love and acceptance will allow the healing mechanism of both teacher and students to kick in. 
All of this awareness, love and acceptance will make the world better. 
So, for me the international yoga day is actually world peace day✌🏼


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