Have you noticed how after few years of yoga practice, (or even months actually) you became more aware of your physical and emotional needs, more sensitive to yourself and to your environment?

This is why: 
We have this amazing sensory system in our bodies, that‘s called - Interoception. 

This system collects information from all over our inner body, processing it in the brain and letting us know what’s going on inside of us. From the most basic physical feelings (such as pain, hunger…) to emotions.
We all feel our emotions in our body. Each emotion feels different, right?
Interoception is also linked to self awareness, intuition, flexibility of thought social understanding and more.

So how dose yoga help develop better Interoception? 
During the practice we are constantly looking, feeling, observing our body, mind and emotional state. 
All of this mindful behavior is what develops this system and sharpens these skills.

This is why it’s so important for the yoga teacher to be silent some time during the class, allowing the students to actually observe and feel what’s going on inside of them - physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Luna Alignment Yoga

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