Svādhyāya, Meaning self study, or study of the Self.

Sometimes it’s translated as self-studying of scriptures. This is only a partial meaning.

The deep meaning of Self-Study, studying of the Self is to me what yoga is all about.

Asana practice, meditation practice, Pranayama practice, reading scriptures and so on are important for our physical and mental health and for purification, but they are also means of studying, learning and exploring ourselves and our Self.

Much like observing ourselves when eating, when cleaning, ect. Much like observing our thinking patterns, emotions and behaviors. And very Much like the observation of ourselves in relationships and interactions.

Self-study is my biggest passion. This is my main yoga practice.

This is the psychological aspect of yoga, actually it’s even better; this is the psychosomatic aspect of yoga. The study of the human as a whole. Mind, body and Soul.


Luna Alignment Yoga

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