100-Hour Yoga Therapy & Alignment Yoga Training

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What are the preliminary requirements for attending the course?

Our program is designed for experienced yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and improve their skills.
The training is suitable for yoga teachers and for yoga practitioners who are not teachers.

I'm still struggling with some asanas, am I ready for this training?

In our course we don't focus on asana performance, but on the alignment, the anatomy and therapeutic aspects of it and how to avoid injury while practicing. And we always adapt the practice to our students needs.

I am already a certified yoga teacher who is seeking additional training, is the program suitable for me?

Absolutely, the course is designed for further deepening one's Yoga education.
Our program is an in-depth and practical course designed to strengthen and improve one's self-practice and understanding of yoga. And the more knowledgeable you are to start with, will allow you to dive deeper into the program and teachings we offer, as well as to benefit more both as a teacher and a practitioner.

Is the course recognized by Yoga Alliance?
Yes. We are a Registered Yoga Alliance School. And we certify our graduates with a Yoga Alliance certification.

Are books and materials included in the price of the course?

Yes, the training manual books are included.

How many students will be in this course?

We are expecting around 15-20 students (the maximum number we accept to our courses is 30).

What is the average age of the students?

All ages, but mostly between 20 and 50.

How do I secure my place on the Course?

A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price. The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before the course start date.

Will I need a laptop or any electronic device for this Training?


Should I bring my own yoga mat?

Yes. We have mats in our venue, and mats can be found in stores in Thailand and also in Koh-Phangan, but unfortunately they are not good quality ones. Remember, Thailand is a tropical humid country and a good non-slippery yoga mat is required for an enjoyable and efficient yoga practice. Also please bring yourself a yoga strap and a sweat towel for practice is also recommended.

What else should I bring?

Comfortable yoga practice clothes, swimsuit of course and something warm in case it gets a bit cold in the evenings. You'd be surprised to find that local convenient stores offer nearly everything and in very affordable prices: a variety of good toiletries, perfumery product, stationary product, medicine and of course delicious snacks and coffee 😊

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