300-Hour Alignment Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course

- Program Overview -

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The prerequisite for this training is a completion of a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course

Upon completion of this training you will be qualified as a yoga teacher with a Yoga Alliance RYT-300 teaching certification
Having a RYT-200 Yoga Alliance teaching certification already - you will be entitled for a RYT-500 Yoga Alliance teaching certification as well

Course Overview

The base of our 5 weeks 300-Hour - Yoga Alliance Certified - Alignment Yoga Advanced TTC is skeletal and asana alignment, therapeutic yoga principles, and the fascinating body-mind-emotion connection.

This program is a unique blend of modern-day science and classic yoga, inspired by Iyengar yoga, physiotherapy and various kinds of therapeutic yoga, Movement, Somatics and more.

During and after this 300-hour training you will be able to develop your yoga practice and enrich your yoga teaching with a new extensive toolbox of yoga methods, approaches and techniques. You will acquire the ability to better evaluate individual needs and adapt the yoga practice accordingly, which will enable you to create intelligent, health-promoting and injury free yoga environment. Additionally, you will get plenty inspiration for creating and sequencing your own yoga classes, workshop and even courses.

The base of our approach and teaching is asana alignment (influenced by Iyengar Yoga) and we see it as the core foundation of all kinds of yoga practices. We encourage our students to find their own unique voice as yoga teachers, relying on this solid ground of alignment. And so, our Alignment Yoga 300-Hour Program can fit all kind of yoga teachers, including our own graduate students*, as long as they are curious and have a desire to learn more and deepen their knowledge, their self-inquiry and their well-being.

Our program is Yoga Alliance certified, upon completion you will be entitled for a RYT-300 Yoga Alliance teaching certification. If having a RYT-200 Yoga Alliance teaching certification already - you will be entitled for a RYT-500 Yoga Alliance teaching certification as well.

*This program is designed and suitable for our graduate students, as well as new students.

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Creating a Strong Foundation

Our training focuses on Asana Alignment, Anatomy, Physiology, Introduction to Therapeutic Yoga and the fascinating Body-Mind Connection, and so you will learn in detail about:

  • Asana alignment and adjustments.
  • Anatomy and kinesiology of the foot, ankle and knee, pelvis, hip, spine, neck, upper back, shoulder girdle, and how they all affect our posture and yoga practice.
  • Core muscles anatomy and how to work with the core in a beneficial and balanced way.
  • Psoas muscle anatomy, function and its amazing emotional aspect.
  • Optimal body posture and postural impairments such as: kyphosis, flat back, lordosis, sciatica, disc-herniation, bulging disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and more.
  • The logic behind the skeletal alignment of standing asanas, seated asanas backbends, forward-bends, twists, balancing asanas and inversions. As well as, how to adapt the asanas to individual needs.
  • The physical and emotional benefits of standing asanas, seated asanas backbends, forward-bends, twists, balancing asanas and inversions.
  • Nervous system anatomy and yoga.
  • The self-healing mechanism and yoga.
  • Yoga for stress management.
  • Yoga for heart health.
  • The respiratory system and yoga.
  • Neuro plasticity, patterns of thoughts and believes.
  • Fascial anatomy and asana exploration through fascia.
  • Yoga for seniors and illness recovering students.
  • The body-mind connection.
  • Yogic psychology and positive thinking.
  • Therapeutic use of touch and bodywork.
  • Feminine Yoga – practice by the phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Somatic movement exploration.
  • Prana and breath.
  • Mindfulness Meditation, Classical Yogic Meditation and other various kinds of meditations.
  • Ayurveda and basic Ayurvedic Yoga classes designed for the three doshas.
  • Chakra exploration.
  • Yoga Philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita: the first book of yoga, taught by our special guest teacher - Swami Kashi (more details below).

Enrich and Develop Your Teaching Skills

Our training is designed for you to become a highly skilled yoga teacher, and so you will:

  • Find and develop your own unique voice as a yoga teacher.
  • Enrich your teaching skills with our 'Art of Teaching' workshops.
  • Experience a variety of teaching styles and techniques to inspire you as a yoga teacher; you will practice mostly Alignment Yoga, but also, Therapeutic Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Vini Yoga and Somatics.
  • Practice and learn how to instruct Pranayama.
  • Practice and learn how to instruct Mindfulness Meditation and Classic Yogic Meditation.
  • Practice yoga using the Rope Wall.
  • Practice and learn how to instruct and adjust restorative asanas.
  • Learn postural alignment and introduction to therapeutic yoga, which will enable you to teach students of all levels and conditions.
  • Learn the art of sequencing: how to structure an intelligent yoga class.
  • Learn about different kinds of therapeutic yoga approaches.
  • Learn how to teach injury-free yoga classes.
  • Learn to adapt the yoga practice to different populations and their own unique needs.
  • Learn and practice asana body reading in our ‘Asana Lab’ workshops.
  • learn about optimal posture and postural tests.
  • Learn the principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and adjusting for yoga teaching.
  • Learn how to give safe and beneficial hands-on adjustments.
  • Learn the basics of Therapeutic Touch bodywork, which will enable you to support your students with a confident hands-on approach.
  • Learn teachers' ethics.

Self-Practice, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance & Transformation

We believe that a good yoga teacher should always stay a student, so we designed this program not only for develop your teaching skills and learn new knowledge, but also for self growth and transformation.

  • Practice yoga with alignment and feel the difference it makes in your body, breath and mind.
  • Bring new awareness and understanding to your own yoga practice.
  • Gain new body awareness.
  • Gain new flexibility, strength and stability and understand what you need to develop or avoid in your own yoga practice.
  • Learn about your own body posture and how to optimize it.
  • Learn about the connection of your life story to your body posture.
  • Get a better understanding of your own body-mind-emotion patterns and connections.
  • Practice mindfulness meditation daily.
  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda, to give another dimension of understanding of your needs in the yoga practice.
  • Learn about the Chakras and the Energetic Body.
  • Learn about the traditional yogic lifestyle and philosophy - adapting it to your own everyday modern life.
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation daily, as part of a Therapeutic Mediation Program.
  • Learn and practice Mindfulness Meditation, Classic Yogic Meditation and other interesting meditation techniques.
  • Practice movement and learn how to integrate it with yoga.
  • Eat healthy vegan Thai food.
  • Meet like-minded people and gain lifelong friends.

Special guest Teacher - Swami Kashi 

Swami Kashi is known for his unique ability to transmit the deepest philosophical truths ​in a clear, entertaining and joyful way through beautiful stories and vivid illustrations. His down to earth approach and loving nature make him an ideal bridge between the ancient yogic teachings and western audience. 

He started his yoga & yoga philosophy journey in 1997. A year later he did his first TTC in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas . A year later he decided to became a Brahmachari (monk) and joined the Sivananda Yoga Center in Tel-Aviv as a staff member. In 2000 he completed Computer Science & Management BA and then moved to India. Since then he is spending most of his time in the Himalayas in India where he continues his studies with different teachers. The rest of the time he is traveling and teaching yoga and Vedanta philosophy around the world.  

Swami Kashi is Tal's teacher since 2006. 

Swami will teach the yogic philosophy part of our training: The Bhagavad Gita.

The Bhagavad Gita is a Sanskrit scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is a summary of the essence of the Vedas conveyed in a dialogue between warrior-prince Arjuna and his guide and charioteer Lord Krishna.

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The Program

Our 300-Hour Alignment Yoga Advanced TTC program is designed in the most approachable way, teaching every topic in both theoretical and practical manners.

Every subject you'll learn will start with a theoretical class, followed by the related practice.

The course addresses yoga teachers of all disciplines, enables everyone to move at their own pace within the given frame of the program.

Our 300-Hour Alignment Yoga Advanced TTC is designed for you to improve your teaching skills, and so you will practice teaching with our guidance starting from the second week of the course.

Throughout the training our teachers will explain the body-mind-emotion connection and how it affects human posture, human health and life choices. They will support you in understanding your own patterns and connections, by sharing their own life stories as well as with some group sharing circles and private consultations meetings.

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