100-Hour Yoga Therapy & Alignment Yoga Training

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Our 100-Hour Yoga Therapy & Alignment Yoga Training for 2021

  • August 2021 - 'Core' | 2 Weeks, From August-15 till August-30

The training is composed of 2 segments:

> First Segment - 5 Days
30-Hour Body Mind Centering (BMC) and Yoga Therapy Training - Led by Michal Yarkoni, C-IAYT

> One Day Off

> Second Segment - 10 Days (including one day off)
70-Hour Alignment Yoga Training - Led by Tal Swissa and Arnaud Chartier

* It is also possible to enroll only to one of the segments, as per your choice.

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What's Included

  • Luna Alignment Yoga carrying cotton bag.
  • Daily breakfast of tea and fruits.
  • Daily vegan lunch.
  • We care about the environment - We offer free drinking water in our venue with a free bottle refill option for our students.
  • Our 70-Hour Alignment Yoga Training (second segment) comprehensive course manual book.
  • Certifications:
    > First Segment: YACEP-30 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program certification.
    > Second Segment: YACEP-70 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program certification.

Know before you go

Before arriving to Thailand we highly recommend to treat yourself to a good quality yoga mat. We have mats in our venue, and mats can be found in stores in Thailand and also in Koh-Phangan, but unfortunately they are not high quality ones. Thailand is a tropical humid country and a good non-slip yoga mat is required for an enjoyable and efficient yoga practice.

Please bring yourself a yoga strap as well (a sweat towel is also nice to have).


  • The price of the 100-Hour training is 1,050 US$ or 1,000 US$ Early Bird* discount price.

    It is also possible to enroll only to one of the segments, as per your choice:

  • The price of the 30-Hour training - First Segment - by itself is 650 US$ or 600 US$ Early Bird* discount price.

  • The price of the 70-Hour training - Second Segment - by itself is 550 US$ or 500 US$ Early Bird* discount price.

* Early Bird applies when booking and paying the deposit up to a month before the course start date.


The above prices do not include accommodation but we do offer all packages with accommodation as well.
Accommodation is in different resorts to choose from, all in a walking distance from our school and the beach.
Additionally, if you would like to arrive earlier or leave later we could extend your accommodation period beyond the course duration, as per your wish.
Depending on your preferences and the availability, we can supply the accommodation you desire.
Please see below the accommodation options we offer and the prices per night.

* For a stay of a week or more, we also offer a cheaper accommodation option with private A/C houses with kitchen. It is further from the village center, our school and the beach - about 12 minutes walk or 5 minutes on a bicycle or just a couple of minutes on a scooter. Please contact us for more details.

* Please note - the fan houses (option 3) are located at the back of the resort, not on the beach (1 minute walk from the beach).

Registration, Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions

Registration requires a deposit of 30% of the total package price.
The rest of the amount should be paid up to 30 days before the course start date.
The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the course start date, minus 50 US$ registration fee.
We offer a 70% refund if booking is cancelled between 30-15 days before the course start date.
We offer a 50% refund if booking is cancelled between 14-1 days before the course start date.
We offer a 40% refund for a no show.
In case of cancellation it is possible to transfer your payment - only once and only for the course (without accommodation) - to the following course.

* In any case of refund the refunded amount will not include money transfer fees charged by the relevant transaction vendor.
** In any case of refund, transfer of payment the the next course or any other case - for the package with accommodation - the refunded/transferred amount will not include the deposit/amount paid for the accommodation and is subject to the accommodation provider's policy.
*** For bookings via a 3rd party platform the cancellation policy as appears in the specific platform will apply.

We believe you will find our refund policy fair and reasonable. If you have any inquiries please contact us, we will be happy to answer any question.

- Certification of completion will be given to students who comply with the requirements of Luna Alignment Yoga as specified when the training starts.
- Luna Alignment Yoga reserves the right to the unlikely situation of having to cancel a course, and in that case a full refund of the payments will apply, under the above restrictions.
- Luna Alignment Yoga reserves the right to terminate the participation of a student in the training - with no refund - in case of misconduct, misbehavior, interfering, undermining or resisting the process of teaching, the teachers or other students.
- All students must have their own travel and health insurance prior to starting the course. Luna Alignment Yoga will not be held responsible for any physical or mental health related issues before, during or after the course.

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